Hi Friends, I thought I’d share my Monday Musings with you, rather than just another recipe or tip or trick or idea. Because sometimes I just have musings to share and want to chat with you and get your feedback and what not. It was a beautiful autumn weekend, I think it was probably the best of the year and I soaked up every second. What did you do?

Last night I did my very first LIVE COOKING SHOW and it was so much fun! We will work on the production value over time, ha, but wanted to test it out first. We went Live on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously and it was fun answering your questions. Let me know if you’d like to see more of it and what types of things you’d like to learn.

I’ve been really into making things more than ever these days and have gotten back into pottery. You can watch more of my pottery videos on my Instagram stories, people have been telling me how mesmerizing it is to watch me trim my pieces, spinning, spinning, spinning!

We just sent out the Adventure Getaway survey to our attendees signed up — women coming from Canada, Wyoming, Oregon, California, North Carolina and more. I’m really looking forward to meeting this group and we have a couple of spots left if you’d like to join — it makes a wonderful gift for a favorite lady friend! Click HERE for the details.

I watched a “pumpkin roll” yesterday in a beautiful little neighborhood and it was just the coolest idea! Everyone brought their old pumpkins and rolled them down a hill that spanned several blocks and it was fun to see whose went the furthest. Also, you don’t want to mess with a pumpkin that is going high speed down a hill!

I’m heading to Colorado for Thanksgiving and would love your recommendations, tips, ideas and more. Shall I ski? Where shall I eat? I’d love to know!

For Christmas, I’m thinking of taking a slow road trip up through New England… perhaps start at Rhode Island and end in Vermont. Thoughts? Recommendations?

I’m working on my Christmas card and have already spent too many hours looking at websites that will help me put it all together. Do you have a place that you have yours printed every year?

It’s a rainy day here, but I feel very into the autumn spirit. I’m going to head to pottery now and then to the gym, because I have been eating an awful lot of Halloween candy. By the way, I loved handing out Halloween candy this year! Hopefully you caught some of the action on my Instagram stories, the kids were the cutest.

Have a great rest of your Monday.



Growing up on her family’s farm in upstate New York, Georgia developed a passion for simple farm-to table food and a deep connection to the outdoors. Having worked in the finance world after college, she decided to leave her cubicle and reconnect with her roots. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute, she began working in Michelin restaurants in New York and France, and soon started leading her renowned Adventure Getaways: excursions around the country aimed at promoting “manual literacy” and helping participants step outside of their comfort zone and experience life more viscerally. Georgia is a firm believer in empowering people to be self-sufficient, identify personal strengths and pursue their life passions.