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7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person

The benefits of being a morning person seem practically endless: you start your day with a positive and proactive attitude, which leads you to make healthier food choices, be more disciplined, have more energy, get more done throughout the day and have a little more time to yourself. It can seem like morning people are basically receiving a head start, and those night owls are left on the sidelines playing catchup. But, the truth is while some people are just hardwired to get up early and be productive in the morning (Georgia!), some of us, no matter the number of benefits, still struggle to get out of bed in the AM without hitting snooze a few too many times. The following are 7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person so you can kick off 2018 on a positive note.

7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person:

7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person

1. Schedule Out Your Day in Advance

Beginning your day with a game plan is key. We try to take time every Sunday to make a rough schedule for our week. Making note of major deadlines and activities coming up. Before winding down after a day of work, we try and time block (more on this magical life hack later) preschedule our upcoming day. Making sure to schedule a little time for self-care and unwinding, too. We designed our fitness + food agenda with this routine in mind, so be sure to go and print one for yourself. Knowing what is up ahead when you start your day helps ease anxiety and allow for a more productive you. 

7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person

With health being on all of our minds now at the start of a new year it is also a great idea to preplan and prep any meals, especially breakfast in advance.  Start your first meal with minimal effort, but with maximum reward. It is much easier to stay on track with your goals for the day when you fuel yourself well in the morning. It acts as a ripple effect helping you to make other positive food decisions throughout your day. G’s breakfast popsicles are a great way to start out the morning. You can make them in advance and simply pop one out for a nutrition packed breakfast.

7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person

2. Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to 

Have a morning ritual just for you. Wake up with enough time to give yourself a little treat. It could be attending a yoga class, taking time to journal, or to read a little something.  When you have a ritual that you enjoy it makes getting out of bed a breeze. 

If you enjoy making a smoothie, (we suggest G’s pumpkin spice smoothie, YUM) or tea this is a great thing to do. 

Some of us need extra time to have our brains wake up. In this case, your ritual could be as simple as waking up 30 minutes earlier and lighting a candle. You don’t have to immediately spring into action, just a simple pleasurable task to ease you into your day. 

3. Put Down Your Phone

First and foremost when it comes to having a positive morning you must have a restful evening. Looking at screens has become such a constant in our everyday. But did you know that computer screens and phone emit a blue light? This light can keep your body from realizing it is time to produce melatonin and start the sleep process.

Many have fallen into the trap of waking to their phones and to have it be the last thing they see before they sleep. We know many rely on their phone as an alarm clock, so we suggest that you place your phone to charge somewhere out of reach before getting in bed. This forces you to actually get up to turn off your alarm which is key. 

When you start your day with your inbox, you begin your day in a reactive state versus a proactive and productive one. Putting your phone away for an hour or so before your bedtime and then waiting to check it once you’ve taken some time for yourself.

7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person

4. Make Your Bed Every Morning

The life-changing magic of making your bed every morning is unexplainable. There’s something about making the effort to tidy your space that ends the temptation of crawling back into bed. It’s always nice to come home after a long day to a well-made bed too, so take the time to arrange all those throw pillows you just had to have – it is well worth it.

5. Get Out of the Bed 

ASAP. When you hear your alarm, physically get out of the bed. Lingering in the bed and pressing snooze causes you to remain in a fog like state for hours.  This is why we recommend placing your alarm somewhere out of reach. Just get up! It is rough at first but this will pass quickly when you began to reap all the rewards.

7 Tricks to Turn Yourself Into a Morning Person

6. Let in a Little Nature

Open the curtain, the windows, go outside and take a walk. Nature is a powerful source of inspiration. It can help to relieve anxiety and be a very grounding force. Our bodies are naturally wired to wake by the light and rest when its dark, so don’t try and block it out with blackout curtains and eye masks. This disturbs our circadian rhythm, so wake up naturally and invite nature in as a part of your morning routine.

7. Wake up at the Same Time Every Day

The power of habit is an amazing thing. Getting your body in a predictable routine is tough at first, but once you’ve done it for a week or so you’ll notice that you no longer are so reliant on your alarm. Your body naturally begins to wake up at this predictable time. So, decide what time it is you need to be out of bed and commit to it.

Do have any tricks for getting up in the AM? Comment below or tag us on social media, we’re always looking for more morning life-hacks.

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