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9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

Happy Valentine’s Day! We want to shake things up and make Valentine’s Day all about checking in with yourself and taking time for some self-care. These are some of our favorite ways to pamper ourselves, perfect for days like today. Have some favorites that we haven’t thought of? Leave them for us in the comments!

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today:

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

A Little At-Home Spa Day:

When was the last time you made time to take a long relaxing bath? A little self pampering can go a long way for our well being. No need to book yourself an expensive appointment or treatment. We have you covered with our favorite DIY face masks you can make right from your kitchen and even a great DIY lip scrub perfect for these cold months. You can also just simply add some essential oils and coconut oil to your bath water. Be sure to light a candle and enjoy the stillness for as long as you can stand it.

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

Do a Little Grounding

Have you ever tried grounding? Okay, this may sound a little hippie-dippie crazy at first, but hear us out. Basically, the grounding theory is that our body is supposed to have contact with the earth as much as possible (like with no shoes). Electrons in free radical form (yuck from wifi and such) accumulate in us and direct contact with the earth balances this out with the opposite effect. This is just basically a way to relieve anxiety and connect with the earth and your surroundings.  We want to take in as much stillness and nature as possible and grounding helps us do that. It also is a super empowering feeling that takes us back to the nostalgia of being kids playing in the yard.  You don’t have walk miles barefoot or do anything really crazy. Just simply take some time to go outside and connect with the earth, sans your shoes.

The benefits are endless really: more energy, better sleep, speed up healing time, reduces inflammation, helps with period cramps, lowers stress, and supports adrenal health. Breathe in that nature and get your feet a little dirty, it’s good for you and you’ll end up feeling oh-so-pampered by mother nature.

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

Let Someone Else do the Cooking

We all have our go-to favorite takeout or seamless order, so go ahead and give yourself a guilt-free pass to treat yourself today. Order your fav and kick back and enjoy a splurge dinner. Maybe even invite all your best gal pals over for a movie night and pot-lock takeout (everyone brings there fav takeout dish so you can all try them out). Our resident wine-o, Marissa, even has you covered with what wine perfectly compliments your takeout dish, you can find that HERE.

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today


Take some time to check in with yourself and do a little journaling. It may not seem like you are pampering yourself at first, but afterward, you will feel amazing. Valentine’s Day is really just another day in February. February is often when many people fall off from the goals and intentions they had set for themselves at the beginning of the year. Use this day to check in and see where you’re at. You can journal anything, even silly things that you want. The process is relaxing and therapeutic, so it’s perfect to start on a day like Valentine’s Day.

Wine Wednesday: Bubbles Without Bucks

PHOTO: Freutcake

Enjoy Some Bubbly

Y’all know we enjoy some fizzy drinks. And nothing feels quite as luxurious and like you are pampering yourself than a good sparkling wine. There are a lot of great options, check out Marissa’s post on how to get all those luxurious bubbles without busting your budget, HERE.

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

Change Your Sheets and Turn in Early

We know we cannot be the only ones who are completely obsessed with that clean-sheets-feeling. AH, just thinking about it makes us giddy. Make a point to change your sheets today and get in bed an hour or so early. Nothing makes us feel more pampered than feeling completely well-rested. 

Take a Nap

Speaking of a nice fresh bed, when was the last time you took a midday nap. Naps aren’t just for toddlers they can be energizing and so refreshing for all of us. Take a little bit longer of a lunch and enjoy a good snooze, you’ll be so glad you did.

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

Sweat a Little

Head to your favorite fitness class or go for a nice long run. A good sweat always leaves us feeling more alive and centered.

 9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Today

Enjoy a Good Read

Reread one of your favorite classics or pick up a new one your friends have been talking about. (We can think of a couple, or maybe 3 we recommend, ha. Find them HERE. Get lost in a book while sipping a latte or drinking a really good glass of wine, you won’t regret it.

How will you be pampering yourself today? Comment below or tag us on social media.


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    Posted March 28, 2018 at 8:40 am

    I’m blown away to see the write-up about grounding. It’s an amazing concept and offers a crazy amount of health benefits. I heard about grounding from an ayurveda specialist and i thought barely anybody know about this concept. you should consider writing a dedicated piece about the benefits about grounding.

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