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A Rhododendron Tour at Tulipwood Gardens

Join me on a Rhododendron Tour at Tulipwood Gardens. We’ll tour the many types of Rhododendrons growing at Tulipwood, some from the American Rhododendron Society. I share their Latin names and talk about the challenge of combatting deer while trying to grow them. Do you have any tips for growing Rhododendrons and protecting them from the deer? Share them in the comments!

A Rhododendron Tour at Tulipwood Gardens:

Rhododendron Varieties Discussed

  • Cadis
  • County of York
  • Mary Flemming
  • Cornell Pink (azalea)
  • Fragrans Affinity (azalea)
  • Midsummer
  • Bluestem
  • Trinity
  • Summer Glow
  • Blue Boy
  • Diana
  • Solidarity

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