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Advantages of Container Gardening

As you know, I recently completed an apartment renovation and am finally getting to the outside space. I did a complete outdoor makeover which I’m excited to share with you in a future post. I focused entirely on container gardening which has yielded amazing and beautiful results. From sunflowers to tomatoes and radishes, peppers, strawberries and kale. Not to mention cascading rosemary and creeping thyme. It’s amazing what you can do in a small space, and the advantages of container gardening are tremendous. Growing in containers is an efficient way to get plenty of produce when you don’t have land to plant in. Even if you do have space, containers may be easier to control and protect. Miniature varieties of most vegetables, which require less space and time to mature, are available in stores which mean you can yield a lot no matter your space constraints.

Advantages of Container Gardening

Advantages of container gardening:

  • If you are renting your home, you can take your garden with you.
  • You can select your soil more carefully.
  • Containers can be moved around if the weather becomes threatening, especially around the beginning or end of the growing season.
  • You can control water and pests more easily.

Advantages of Container Gardenin

There are a whole host of possible planting containers available for this, but you can expect the following differences from planting in the ground:

  • You will want to be careful to use the right type of soil—soil that has good drainage and is lightweight
  • Because of the intensive growing environment and care that container plants get, they can be spaced closer together than if they were in an outdoor garden, and the plants will need to be watered more frequently, almost every day. Stick your index finger straight down into the soil and if it doesn’t feel moist, water away.
  • A measured amount of fertilizer will also need to be added about every 2 to 3 weeks. Follow instructions and be careful not to fertilize too much.

Advantages of Container Gardenin

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Have you done any container gardening? I’d love to see your photos and hear your tips. Share with me in the comments below or post a picture on social media using #ModernPioneering and tag @GeorgiaPellegrini. You can also join our community in our Secret Facebook Group where we share tips and images.

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