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How to Make Comfrey Salve

Editor’s Note: Today our contributing writer Angelia is back with a wonderful potion made from Mother Nature! In a day’s time, I tend to have many bumps, scrapes, and bruises in my adventurous little family.  Add to that that we are practically living on the surface of the sun, in the hot Southwest desert, my humans are continually dealing with dry, cracked skin.  I have tried countless over the counter ointments […]

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Ear Candling: Does It Work?

Editor’s note: You may remember Angelia from when she taught us all how to make The Best Fall Gourmet Pickles. Angie strives to live an always resourceful life and is all about some DIY living. She is a wife, mother and elementary school teacher so healthy hacks are always at the forefront of her how-tos. This time she is back and we are lucky enough to have her play guinea […]

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The Best Fall Gourmet Pickles Recipe

The start of fall is my family’s favorite time of year to preserve fresh food we’ve grown in our backyard garden. We’ve been canning food for several years, but have never tried or even thought much about pickling. Last year, we received a jar of mouthwatering, homemade pickles as a gift. The brine and ingredients in that jar became the inspiration for these gourmet pickles. The Best Fall Gourmet Pickles […]

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