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A Local’s Guide to Seoul, South Korea

Editor’s Note: Have the travel bug? Today we have a South Korean native sharing her inside scoop on her wonderful homeland. You won’t want to miss this detailed and exciting insider’s guide. Take it away Cheryn! Growing up in Seoul, South Korea, I took many aspects of my hometown for granted. This is my first summer in back after going away to college, and the visit has made me realize how […]

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Tips for a Minimalist Home

We are excited to introduce a new contributor today, Cheryn Shin! We have no doubt you’ll love her breadth of knowledge in all things lifestyle. Take it away, Cheryn. The weather is finally beginning to warm up and the sunlight, after months of darkness, feels amazing against your skin. But what’s all thi-*achoo*! Dust? Pollen? Probably both, judging by the heaps of winter clothes you haven’t packed away yet, and […]

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