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Video: Riceland Venison Risotto

I’m exited to show you one of my favorite recipes on video in my Modern Pioneering video series. This is a delicious recipe for venison risotto. Use your venison meat scraps to make this easy risotto recipe. And if you don’t have venison, so many other proteins work wonderfully! Watch the video and follow along and be sure to leave your comments on YouTube letting me know what you think! […]

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Pumpkin Bourbon Soup

Texas is finally cold, and I’m ready to get cozy with a bowl filled with warm soup. But you know what would be better? A pumpkin full of warm soup. It’s just that much more awesome. This soup is full of fall flavors and beautiful in color. And to make you feel even cozier, I added a splash of bourbon. Let’s do this! To make this you will need: 2 small pumpkins 1 teaspoon […]

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Three Cheese Pumpkin Lasagna

I’ve been on a pumpkin kick lately. ‘Tis the season, after all.  Enter–pumpkin, lasagna, full of herbs and tangy cheese and caramelized onions. Give this dish a try while pumpkin is still in season. It could very well replace your traditional lasagna, and even when pumpkin isn’t at your fingertips, swap in butternut squash. Here goes… To make the lasagna, you’ll need the following ingredients: 12 cooked lasagna noodles (you’ll […]

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Chocolate Clumpkins

Fall is officially here, which means pumpkin every thing. With all of the recipes out there to make with the flesh of a pumpkin, we are gathering all of the seeds to create something extra special. This involves roasting pumpkin seeds to perfection and adding a bunch of delectable spices to create my Chocolate Clumpkins. These bad boys are very addictive, which makes them the perfect afternoon snack. You will […]

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Dandelion Green Salad with Pancetta and Pistachios

I recently did an interview with the Austin American Statesman where I went foraging for some dandelion greens to make this delicious salad from my latest book, Modern Pioneering. I called it “hood lunch,” since it was lunch truly derived from my lovely hood in East Austin. Check out my recipe! Dandelion greens are full of nutrients and right at your fingertips. The flavor packs a punch which I balanced […]

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Highlights, From a Very Fabulous Book Tour

The first half of this year, my friends, has been full of travel to promote my new book, and the best part has been getting to meet all of you. Now that my book stops are over and I have a moment to take a breath, I’ve had a chance to look through all of the photos from the various cities and the fun I had getting to hug ya, […]

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