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Behind the Scenes of a Different Kind of Shoot

A little while ago I was asked to do a photo shoot for the cover of a magazine. It is strange business, let me tell you.

First of all, you have to think of things that I don’t like to think about, namely freshly pressed clothing and lots o’ perfectly applied makeup.

In case you’re wondering, I have been wearing sweatpants ever since. I need to balance the general order of things in the universe after three days of smiling, and not smiling, and just smiling a little, and looking very serious, and sometimes looking surprised.

And then there was another thing… I had just woken up in Arkansas the day before and couldn’t stop sneezing and sniffling. I was hoping it would go away when I got to Texas… but alas, it got worse. Luckily Terry the photographer is a pro and was stocked with tissues.

If I am looking at these places as potential places to live, what am I supposed to do about the allergies? I didn’t even know I got allergies until a few days ago.

He’s my favorite outdoor photographer, you should check out his stuff.

The good thing about Terry is that he’s very mellow.

And so when you have to hold a large pheasant, an old double barrel gun, and try to hide your “perspiration,” it helps to have someone mellow around.

He also showed me how we were doing along the way, which was helpful. I hate seeing myself on camera, and it doesn’t help me improve, but when the gun stock needs to be tilted a certain way and the dogs need to be looking a certain way, and I need to be looking a certain way, it helps to look and see how it’s going.

By the way, this is how you get a dog to look up. You have her trainer climb a tree and wave wildly. I’m just sayin’. In case you were planning on doing this kind of thing soon.

This is Lacy. She’s shy.

This is Boogy. She just had a litter of very cute puppies. I played with one by the fire pit at night. Then I stuck him in my suitcase and took him home. Wherever home is.

Actually I’m hiding out somewhere right now… near a library. I’m not telling anyone because I can’t afford any more distractions! My editor may or may not have sent me a friendly “checking in” email while I was in the airport. My agent may or may not have as well. That’s how you know you have a book due… people start sending friendly “checking in” emails. So yes, no more distractions! I’m hiding. No one shall know where I am.

You can call me dragon slayer.

Until next time, I’ll be in the library. Somewhere classified.

p.s. I’ll post the cover and the magazine details when it comes out!

p.p.s. I also paid a visit to William Faulkner’s house while in Oxford, Mississippi… I want to move there.


Behind the scenes photos by Ric Dentinger


  • marla
    Posted March 19, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Girl, you are awesome! I was wondering what that guy was doing in the tree. Thought it was for an overhead shot. Good luck at the library. If you are paying attention then you are not reading this comment 😉 You are probs one of the hottest chicks ever lead the life you do. Just sayin. Can’t wait to see the mag!

  • Big Steve
    Posted March 19, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    Looks like I will be buying my first ever “hunting” magazine sometime soon.

    As for the allergies…North Carolina only has about 7-10 days of pollen each spring. After that, it’s all GOOD!!!

    I hear if you eat honey from your local area that it will help with allergies. Thanks for the behind the scenes look. Be Blessed!!! –Big Steve

  • Clayvessel
    Posted March 25, 2011 at 8:24 am

    You look great!

    I don’t understand why they had you carry/hold the gun like that though. It looks unnatural. In all the hunting I’ve done, and of all the hunters I know (pretty much everyone of my relatives) none of them carry their gun like that by the barrel. Are we just the odd ones?

    • Post Author
      Posted March 25, 2011 at 10:27 am

      I’m not sure what the official “right way” is, but a lot of upland game shooters hold their guns this way. Luckily these were just the behind the scenes photos… the final cover looks pretty natural I hope : )

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