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Behind the Scenes of a Tuscan Photo Shoot

Last week I took part in a “Tuscan Photo Shoot.” I was the food and food styling girl, and the other two masterminds were photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat of A Little Sussy, and prop/model stylist Danielle Gold.

Nicole is an excellent photographer so I didn’t bother taking any money shots, but I did take the behind the scenes shots for my entertainment. In between plating spaghetti and sausage and radicchio and other fine things.

These were two of the models. We made this cute boy with dimples eat a lot of spaghetti.

And in order to get him to laugh, all I had to say was “Justin Bieber.”

I said Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber…

And then I said, wait… who is Justin Bieber and why does he make this kid laugh?

I never got to the bottom of it. I had to go get the lemon tart ready.

This was some of our set up. The prop stylist Danielle did a lovely job with all of the dishes. I really thought I was in Italy for a few hours.

And figs. They make me feel like I’m in heaven.

You’ll see why when you read my book, teehee.

Nicole has the most beautiful shot of this girl cutting these lovely Turkish figs.

But we’re saving it… for a magazine.

You’ll see.

This is Danielle! Prop gal. Wardrobe masta.

Oh! And these gals. The one facing us is Julia, my friend I made soft pretzels with. Remember? She has saved my butt this summer. I think I would be curled up into a ball wimpering right now if she hadn’t come to my doorstep one fine evening.

And the one with her back to us acting elusive is Emily… my friend from long ago who visited me from New York because she knows I need human contact from time to time.

This house was pretty amazing. From what I understand, they really did import a lot of the stone from Tuscany. It’s very “palatial” and “sweeping.”

This is my radicchio.

This is Julia’s lemon tart.

This is more of the Tuscan palace.

You can see the slide show on my photos page!

And you can see a few finished shots on Sussy.

The rest you’ll see in some other format TBD… one day TBD…

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  • greekyogurt
    Posted August 1, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    The palace looks amazing. It seems that you had such a lovely time.

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