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The Best Camping Gear for all Your Fall Adventures

It is finally fall and if you cannot tell already, we are really excited around here! The slowly cooling temperatures have us itching to get outside and embark on some grand adventures.  The following is a roundup of our can’t live without camping gear to make sure you’re ready for what the season unfolds.

PHOTO: Stout Tent

Sleeping Gear:

First things first we definitely want to tackle planning your sleeping situation. Your camping style (don’t we all wish we could “glamp” like the picture above), determines exactly how much gear you’ll need.  Tent camping is the least expensive way to camp as a family, and it also gives you the most options in terms of where you can camp.  

Tent: Something to keep in mind when selecting a tent is that there are a lot of options out there, and often times it is helpful to take your time and speak with someone regarding what exactly you need.  Always consider the weight of your tent when selecting — luckily now there are tons of lightweight options. A pro-tip for when purchasing a tent is to add at least 2 people for whatever’s listed as the capacity of the tent so that you’ll have plenty of space for all your belongings. A rain tarp is typically included with your tent, but make sure you double check!

Sleeping Bags:  It’s worthwhile to spend a little extra dough for a sleeping bag* that’s well rated for cooler temperatures. You’ll need a good night’s sleep for all the adventuring you have planned, and freezing your tush off can really put a damper in that.

*You could opt for an air mattress & pump. If you go this route, make sure you consider the added weight and don’t forget your extension cord.

Extra Blankets & Pillows: A little comfort can go a long way, and having some extra blankets to cozy up by the fire is for sure worth it!

An Outdoor Rug: Just a small rug will do — it will help keep dirt and leaves out of the sleeping area.

PHOTO: Fresh Off The Grid

Cooking Gear:

There are also many different routes you can take when it comes to deciding on your cooking gear.  We prefer to keep our baggage light and our tummies satisfied. The following are our cannot-camp-without cooking items.

Cast Iron Skillet: A cast iron skillet is a great alternative to the griddle pan, and it is much easier to pack. It’s also great for cooking up hashes and bacon, and if you’re feeling extra fancy you could try some of G’s “10 Skillet Recipes.” Who says you can’t have skillet brownies in the woods?

Grilling Tools: A basic set will do just fine.

Lighter: Certainly comes in handy.

Large Cooler: You definitely will not regret upsizing on this item, we recommend one from our favorite brand, Yeti! 

Kitchen Scissors: Cannot tell you exactly how you’re going to use them, but trust us they’re useful. 

Aluminum Foil: Line your cast iron with foil to avoid messy pans, or make foil pack dinners that go right on the fire. 

Some Basics You Shouldn’t Forget: Trash bags, dish soap & scrubber, knife set & cutting board, plates, bowls, mugs & cutlery and finally, drinking glasses (a simple plastic set will do).

Excessive, But Necessary Items: Wine tumblers and a french press! ( This requires no explanation).

PHOTO: The Cornish Life

Camp Site Musts:

Camping Chairs: You don’t have to sit on the ground. Go for lightweight and easy to store.

Flash Light and Lantern: You’ll thank us late at night when nature calls. If you’re feeling crafty you can DIY your own.  Check ours out here!

Bug Spray: Try out G’s homemade and all natural bug repellent.

First Aid Kit: Better to be prepared. 

Swiss Army Knife: For all the random things that come up, because there will be something. 

String Lights: Oooh, festive. 

A Little Entertainment: Fishing poles, hiking shoes, a good book and/or your favorite tailgate game. Our favorite is Kan Jam. You can play this for hours on end. Plus, you can get a glow in the dark set!

What’s on your must-have on your packing list for camping? We’d love to know any camping hacks or splurges you’ll be making this fall. See you on the trails!

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