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Enchanting Gift Idea: Diamond Tooth Taxidermy

You’ve heard about Girl Hunter by now.

It’s time to meet Girl Texidermist.

Her name is Beth Beverly and she is amazing. My sweet brother introduced us via the internet a little while back and since then we’ve become pen pals. The notion of a young woman making artistic creations out of the parts that I don’t do anything with when I hunt was enchanting to me… it closed the gap, now everything could be full circle. She has the skills that I don’t.

Her company is Diamond Tooth Taxidermy. She sent this to me. Made it with me in mind. It is one of my favorite things that I own. She wrote a little description on her site of what her thinking was and all of the parts that she used and so I thought I’d share them with you. I think it would make an amazing gift for anyone in your life with style!

This is what Beth Beverly says about her creation:

“The foot is from a chicken which was once part of my friend Bailey and Thomas’ flock, and it’s wedged tightly into the brooch base along with feathers of pheasant, chicken and peacock.  There is also the tip of a red squirrel tail in there, just for fun.”

“The puffy soft feathers are from  the tail area (read: butt) of the chicken; these have been a favorite of mine lately because they have a fur-like appearance and move so nicely with the wearer.  I’m constantly astounded by the range of color, shape and texture of the fathers all coming from one bird.”

“For an embellishment on the brooch base, I found an old pin from my street gift collection that apparently was some prize or medal for 25 years of faithful service in the state of Georgia.  Perfect!  I filed down the back, bent it to the correct shape and attached it to the brooch.”

[Note from Georgia: HOW AMAZING IS THAT BROOCH?!]

“I left the talon colors as is and didn’t fuss too much with the natural state of the elements in this piece.  Although we’ve yet to meet, Ms. Pellegrini strikes me as a true creature of her own element, grounded and proud of it. Cheers, Georgia!”

Ms. Beverly also has a blog where she chronicles her adventures as a Girl Taxidermist — amazing: Skinned Deep

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