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Homemade Gift: DIY Ornaments

Today officially marks the start of December so it has us all thinking about what to get everyone on our gift list.  In an effort to remain always resourceful, budget-friendly, and thoughtful we love to make gifts for all of our friends and family. Ornaments are a great festive option. They’re lovely addition to tie onto a wrapped gift,  bottle of wine, or just by itself. Every year when the receiver gets out their decorations they are also reminded of a special memory you shared together. The following is round-up of our favorite Homemade Gift: DIY Ornaments.

Homemade Gift: DIY OrnamentsEasy 5-Minute Pom-Pom Ornament

These are so fun and require very little time and materials. You can get creative with your color choices and sizes and even string multiple pom-poms for a layered effect.

Homemade Gift: DIY Ornaments

Easy Clay Eye Ornaments

A maker, your rolling pin, string or ribbon and some polymer clay is all you’ll need for these cuties! The minimal design is very on trend and easy for even the least craft of folks.

Homemade Gift: DIY Ornaments

Watercolor Printed Fabric Ornaments

These are lovely and the possibilities of patterns are endless. A  brush fabric pen makes it really easy to accomplish.

Homemade Gift: DIY Ornaments

Geometric Ornaments

These are chic and timeless, a winning combination.

Homemade Gift: DIY Ornaments

Rustic Twig Ornaments

Just head out to your backyard to make these modern, rustic additions to the tree. 

Homemade Gift: DIY Ornaments

Cement Gem Ornaments

These are so fun and easy to make, after making these last year we invested in serval different ice molds to make different shapes.  You can even skip the string and wire step and turn this into a ring holder.

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