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How To Mix Your Own Soil

We’ve been talking a lot about gardening here lately, and for good reason — hello Spring! From garden designs to getting your yard ready and breaking down exactly what you should grow, none of these is really possible without the proper nutrient dense SOIL. When it comes to soil it is definitely not a one size fits all case, and when it comes to living a self-sufficient lifestyle you need good soil and you definitely want to be able to mix it yourself. Luckily, G has a lot of experience trying out different varieties in all kinds of different growing situations, and today she is sharing all of her tips and tricks for How To Mix Your Own Soil.

This particular soil blend is perfect for all the plants you grow in containers. There is really nothing worse than working so hard to create the perfect potted plant only have it die later, which can often times happen due to the use of inadequate soil.

How To Mix Your Own Soil:

How To Mix Your Own Soil

How To Mix Your Own Soil

Container Plants Need Special Attention

Traditional garden soil doesn’t give container plants enough aeration and water, but you can easily adapt it to work for containers.

The main thing you will need is an ingredient to separate the soil particles that will create air channels throughout the soil, allowing it to breathe and preventing root rot.

Many people use peat moss, but because of the environmental issues associated with harvesting it, it is better to use an alternative like rotted sawdust or humus, which can be purchased at garden-supply stores.

Some will also recommend vermiculite or perlite, but these too are controversial and probably not local to your area, so avoid them if possible.

How To Mix Your Own Soil

G’s Homemade All-Purpose Container Soil Mix:

  • 4 parts multipurpose potting soil
  • 1 part rotted sawdust or humus
  • 2 parts composted fine bark
  • 1 handful (per pot) of a slow-release fertilizer such as powdered sea kelp or fish manure

How To Mix Your Own Soil

**Good to Know

If the all-purpose potting soil that you purchase contains slow-release fertilizer, you won’t need to add any before 8 weeks pass. After that, you will have to add fertilizer yourself.

How To Mix Your Own Soi

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