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How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

The holidays are creeping up on us, and for many, that means hosting plenty of house guests. Let’s be honest, hosting friends and family for holidays or anytime for that matter, is both a pleasure and a pain.  The key to a stress-free experience for all is truly in the preparation.  The following are ways to up your hostess game and elevate your house guest experience. Read on to learn all about How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable, as our treat.

How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

There are a few things you can add to make your guest room super welcoming and also ease the experience for your house guests.  

How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

If you do not have a dedicated guest room you can also simply add a tray next to wherever they are staying with these few items as well. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is make an extra set of your house keys and tie a little festive ribbon to them.  This will keep from causing awkward encounters if you’ve already gone to bed, but your guests are still out. 

How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

Your WiFi password is another important detail. You know they’re eventually going to ask and you’ll have to go digging for where you wrote it down.  So we designed this cute little WiFi card you can print and add to a frame or simply place on the nightstand.  We have actually printed these for ourselves and placed them around our homes and offices because we all need it from time to time. It’s an editable PDF, so all you do is download the card with the link below, open in preview, then click the space above and below to type in your password and your network name.


A seasonal, fresh candle and matches is another lovely, inviting touch.

How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

A small vase with fresh-cut blooms. Simple flowers from your yard will do.  We also love the idea of a houseplant!

A little catch-all jewelry dish on the bedside is great so they can keep up with valuables.

Extra blankets (one light-weight throw and one heavier). 

Make sure there is a mirror nearby, preferably full length though not necessary. This allows everyone to easily get ready for holiday parties.

A water carafe and glass.

How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

PHOTO: 99Designs

A local snack or treat! Do you have a local chocolatier or possibly apple orchard?  Just something small they could late-night snack on, but with a local flare is always cool.

A hamper or laundry bag. Usually what causes guests’ rooms to get messy is dirty laundry so having a hamper or laundry bag on hand is a good idea for everyone.

Some interesting reads: recent magazines and some light books you already have. We always love flipping through coffee table books, something you rarely have time to do in your own home.

A local guidebook and neighborhood maps of your city. You can also highlight or add yourself some of your favorite restaurants and coffee shops and any other must-dos or must-sees in your town. 

How to Prepare for Houseguests + Free Wifi Printable

An extra toothbrush and small toiletries. We have all forgotten them before, and we all definitely have a growing collection of ones we have gathered from hotels. Simply place these in the bathroom they’ll be using just in case, they will for sure appreciate it!

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