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How to Reduce Your Food Waste

College equipped me with all sorts of knowledge, but one thing I had to learn after graduating was how I can reduce my food waste. On one hand, summer is bountiful and the perfect reason to experiment with dishes. However, what can you do with all of the leftover bits and pieces? Here are some handy tips I am using to be better.

How to Reduce Your Food Waste:

Freeze Your Extras

When it comes to fresh produce, my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. As a result, I end up tossing more veggies and fruits than I would like. My favorite solution is to add these extras into a Tupperware or ziplock and pop them in the freezer. You can incorporate them into a stir fry, pie fillings, or boil it down to a jam. Lately, my go-to is using frozen produce for smoothies, veggies and fruits alike. In fact, it’s the perfect way to get all your daily servings of nutrients into one cup. If you need some inspo, here’s a recipe for a delicious green power smoothie.

how to reduce your food wase

Sauce It Up

Another yummy use for the odds and ends of leftover ingredients is to incorporate them into a sauce. Leftover lemon juice and berries? Macerate them and top off a dessert. Leftover tomatoes and heavy cream? Say hello to a delicious creamy pasta sauce for Sunday. The beauty of a sauce is that you can develop layers of flavors by adding whatever you have on hand.

Don’t Toss the Jars

Part of being good about food waste is also the vessels they come in. So many sauces, jams, and yogurts come in wonderful glass jars and we should celebrate that versatility. First, clean your jars well and dry them out before their next purpose. I love to use jars for holding candles, repotting plants, and storing dry ingredients. Also, consider upcycling jars as a drinking glass or even as a light cover for a hazy ambiance.

how to reduce your food waste


From the sweet potato skins you peeled off to your leftover morning coffee grinds, composting is the way to go. Use this comprehensive guide on how to start composting, whether you live in an apartment or have your own backyard.

How do you reduce your food waste? Leave them in the comments on Georgia’s YouTube Channel. And be sure to subscribe for more how to’s and #modernpioneering tips!

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