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How to Turn Your Used Dryer Sheets into Fragrance Sachets

Dryer sheets are actually much like fabric themselves, but it is a shame so many of them get tossed in the garbage without another thought. So we decided it was high time to show you How to Turn Your Used Dryer Sheets into Fragrance Sachets. They already have such a great scent and really we just can’t let that go to waste, plus we had a dried bundle of lavender we have been itching to use. 
Homemade Dryer Sheet Sachet
PHOTO: Pinterest

To dress this up for the holiday season we also added a festive tassel. Tassels are very easy to make and they make a nice DIY ornament too.  These sachets are also great to add to your sock drawer or anywhere that could use a fragrant touch.  The tassel also makes them easy to hang from your rearview mirror and use as a car deodorizer. 

Homemade Dryer Sheet Sachet

PHOTO: Dreamy Whites Online

Here’s what you’ll need:
Dried Lavander (Really any dried fragrant flower will work.)
Used Dryer Sheets (We love Meyer lavender ones!)
Scissors (When you have a pretty pair like these golds one it just really elevates every day, plus you’re much less likely to lose.)
Sewing Pins
Embroidery Floss and Needle
Wire Cutters (These are not totally necessary if you have a good set of scissors, but since we are regular DIYers we had some on hand.)
Jewelry Wire (We chose a pretty copper one to keep it festive.)
Stapler (Having pretty office supplies, just really brings a smile to our faces daily,)
Gift Tag (You can print the one we used HERE.)

Homemade Dryer Sheet Sachet

PHOTO: Dreamy Whites Online

To Make the Sachet:

Prior to beginning your sachet, you’ll want to collect your used dryer sheets. You’ll need them to be used because this is a much more flexible and soft to use. Some types of dryer sheets will also need to be ironed. Be sure you a lay a towel over the sheets so that they do not shrivel up. 

You’ll also want to cut and dry out some fragrant flowers or herbs. We used lavender here as well as lavender dryer sheets so that the scents did not compete.

Step 1: Fold your used dryer sheet into a square pocket, much like you would wrap a present. Secure the pocket with your sewing pins. Leave the top open for now.

Step 2: Thread your floss through your needle. A Sewing Machine can be used, we simply preferred the look of an exposed hand stitch here. 

Step 3: Begin hand stitching at a top corner and go all the all around the sides of the pocket. Knot off at the end and remove your pins.

Step 4: Insert your dried flowers and fold the top of your pocket down.  A crisp fold is important here. You’ll want to again secure your fold with pins. Be careful not to push the pin all the way to the front of the pocket you’ll only need to keep it on the backside. 

Step 5: Hand stitch the top-backside of fold down.  This time we chose to only have it exposed to the back side of the sachet, you’ll want to make sure you’re careful and keep a tight stitch. Knot off the end and the sachet portion of this DIY is complete.

Homemade Dryer Sheet Sachet

PHOTO: Dreamy Whites Online

To Make the Tassel:

It’s easiest to grab an unwrapped embroidery floss for this step, although it is not required. It makes for a simpler way to create a tidy tassel. 

Step 1: Cut about a 2″ piece of your thread and tie it securely through the loop of the rest of the thread.

Step 2: Cut a small piece of wire. We chose to use copper wire here because it dresses up the tassel and also has a much tighter hold. 

Step 3: Wrap your wire around the opposite side of your tied end, creating a loop on both sides.  Use your best judgement on how far away you’d like your wire to be, no two tassels are the same, but that’s what makes them all really fun.

Step 4: Cut off the loop opposite of the wrapped wire to your desired tassel length. Continue you to trim your tassel if need be to keep it nice and even. 

Homemade Dryer Sheet Sachet

PHOTO: Toni South

Final Steps:

Step 1: Attach your tassel by simply knotting it between two of the backside of your sachet stitches. Cut off any unneeded excess. 

Step 2: Grab your previously printed and cut out gift tag and write whatever you wish. It’s also nice to include the scent of the sachet on the back of the tag as well.

Step 3: Staple your gift tag to some leftover floss and then to your sachet. This makes it easy to remove if desired, but secure enough to function too. We attached ours in a loop so that we could attach it to a present.

Step 4: Gift or enjoy your sachet!

Homemade Dryer Sheet Sachet

PHOTO: Sew Many Ways


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