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How to Make Chocolates

One evening, not long ago, I went to visit Charles and his chocolate factory. It does exist! Except it doesn’t have green elves running around and misbehaved children drowning in vats of chocolate. This is a much more classy place, (and it doesn’t give me nightmares). And Charles taught me how to make chocolates!

Chuck taught me how to make a bourbon pecan tart as well as these bourbon truffles. My first official chocolate making venture, we piped little dollops of bourbon flavored ganache into gold speckled casings.

Other spectacular items I’ve tasted here: frozen hot chocolate, homemade smores the size of a small house, tiny champagne grapes dipped in dark chocolate, orange twigs, chocolate covered almonds, and lavender flavored truffles.

This is the right way to drown in chocolate… go visit him!  “Charles Chocolates,” Emeryville, CA.


High quality bourbon…


Plus thick warm cream and big chocolate chips…

Charles Chocolates6

…equals one bowl of good ganache.


A dropper full of chocolate and hundreds of chocolate molds…


In go the dallops of chocolate, drop, drop drop…


…making many ganache pools.

And the best part…


…the clean-up tastes good!

Charles Chocolates2

And so do these… Little Drunken Truffles.

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