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Meet the Crew and Cast of Wild Food: Q&A with Jill Zednick

It is crazy to believe that after 10 years of building her body of work, we are finally counting down the days until the premier of Georgia’s new show “Wild Food” on Destination America! If you haven’t already heard, the show premiers Saturday, June 23rd at 10pm EST/9pm CT.

As a way to give you some sneak peeks into the making of the show, we asked some of the wonderful cast and crew members a series of questions which we’ll be posting here daily. Today it’s biologist and bow fishing expert, Jill Zednick!

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What Georgia has to say about her:

I absolutely loved having a woman introduce me to bow fishing! It is rare that I get to take on the outdoors with other women, except for on my Adventure Getaways of course, it’s usually me and the guys, and so I loved every minute of this experience with her. She is a true world-record holding expert and the experience was adrenaline inducing and unforgettable!

Meet the Crew and Cast of Wild Food: Q&A with Jill Zednick:

What’s the wildest food you’ve ever tried?

Wildest food ever tried would pro be sea turtle bc it is so highly conservational and rare to the US. But in certain area of the Caribbean they have sea turtle aquaculture facilities that raise turtles for food and population enhancement projects. 

What’s something people would be surprised to know about Georgia?

That she has a jewelry line of gold plated raccoon penises.  Mothers’ Day is coming up. ????????

Do you have a favorite moment from filming the pilot?

Favorite moment from filming the pilot… It would be between landing the giant gar fish and drinking moonshine together. 

What’s the thing someone MUST do while visiting New Orleans?

When visiting New Orleans for the first time you have to go to a drive through liquor store OR visit the French Quarter. 

What does Manual Literacy mean to you and how do you practice it in your life?

Manual literacy to me is the use of a wide range of skills that improve a person’s ability to live a productive, healthy life. These skills can include hunting, fishing, trapping, skinning, filleting, growing, cooking, pickling,  and wine making.  Listening, patience, tolerance for heat, cold, nats, ticks, redbugs, as well as communication and interaction skills when shit breaks also good. 

What was your biggest laugh while filming?

Biggest laugh was when Kimmie got drunk on moonshine and put his fire gear on. Just sayin. 

Follow along here for more behind the scenes peaks and giveaways!


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