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Meet the Crew and Cast of Wild Food: Q&A with Kimmie

It is crazy to believe that after 10 years of building her body of work, we are finally counting down the days until the premier of Georgia’s new show “Wild Food” on Destination America! If you haven’t already heard, the show premiers Saturday, June 23rd at 10pm EST/9pm CT.

As a way to give you some sneak peeks into the making of the show, we asked some of the wonderful cast and crew members a series of questions which we’ll be posting here daily. Today it’s Kimmie Serigne!

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Meet the Crew and Cast of Wild Food: Q&A with Kimmie:

What’s the wildest food you’ve ever tried?

Last year I ate horse meat.  My friend’s horse died, I won’t mention his name ha ha ha ha, but the whole thing was cleaned, I took some meat went home and cooked a roast. Believe it or not it’s better than beef!

What’s something people would be surprised to know about Georgia?

I think people might be surprised about her willingness to get elbow deep in the bloody guts of an animal and field dress it.  

Do you have a favorite moment from filming the pilot?

My favorite moment was driving my airboat through the marsh like a madman looking for a hog. 

What’s the thing someone MUST do while visiting New Orleans?

Something people must do while visiting New Orleans gets out in the swamp, experience the wildlife and how beautiful it is. 

What does Manual Literacy mean to you and how do you practice it in your life?

Living off the land is life! It means everything to me.  It means everything to my kids.  Not only do we do everything ourselves, it’s also where we make our best memories and spend quality time together. We hunt together, we fish together, we clean and prepare it as food together, cook it and eat together. It brings us all closer as a family. 

What was your biggest laugh while filming?

My biggest laugh was when we first met Georgia and I talked to her like farmer Fran from the Water Boy. She couldn’t understand one word I said ???????????? 

Kimmie will be taking over Georgia’s Instagram stories today so you can get a behind the scenes glimpse into his amazing life on the bayou. Follow along here! 

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