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Meet the Crew and Cast of Wild Food: Q&A with Michael Mazzara

It is crazy to believe that after 10 years of building her body of work, we are finally counting down the days until the premier of Georgia’s new show “Wild Food” on Destination America! If you haven’t already heard, the show premiers Saturday, June 23rd at 10pm EST/9pm CT.

As a way to give you some sneak peeks into the making of the show, we asked some of the wonderful cast and crew members a series of questions which we’ll be posting here daily. Today it’s our Co-Executive Producer Michael Mazzara!

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What Georgia has to say about him: 

Michael is hilarious and one of my favorite humans. He had me in stitches laughing one minute, and also was great at helping me center myself when I was going on hour 14 of filming. We also shared a love of clean eating during the shoot to keep our energy up, so were pounding the seaweed snacks, ha. He really was amazing at getting s*!t done, which I was really grateful to have on set. I totally trusted him, he was a true seasoned professional. And you can tell how much he respects women, the crew was mostly women!

Meet the Crew and Cast of Wild Food: Q&A with Michael Mazzara:

What’s the wildest food you’ve ever tried?

I ate a live (still-beating) Cobra heart in Vietnam.  I didn’t actually chew it, but washed it down with a glass of cobra blood and vodka.  Yum!  I felt like Superman for the next 24 hours. 

What’s something people would be surprised to know about Georgia?

Her snacks are healthy, nearly 100% plant-based.  She abstains from alcohol the night before a hunt (to maintain the eye of the tiger).

Do you have a favorite moment from filming the pilot?

Watching Georgia chase down a wild hog was the most intense experience I’ve ever had on set.  Look out Wonder Woman, there’s a new Sheriff in town and she knows how to field dress boar in 10 flat.

What’s the thing someone MUST do while visiting New Orleans?

Fishing at night on the marsh… it turns fishing on it’s head… it’s otherworldly and super exhilarating. 

What does Manual Literacy mean to you and how do you practice it in your life?

It’s all about making conscious decisions.  Manuel Literacy is something I was taught by my immigrant Italian grandparents.  From practicing sustainable gardening in your backyard to changing your own tire when you get a flat.  Manual Literacy provides agency in my life.  It’s not always easy living in a big city like LA with all of our modern conveniences, but I make conscious choices on a daily basis and get my hands dirty whenever possible. 

What was your biggest laugh while filming?

The Cajun Big Foot scare was probably the funniest moment I’ve had on set. I laughed so hard it made me pee a little…  

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