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In this episode of my free Modern Pioneering series, I have a nifty idea you can use for an easy brunch and an upcycled table centerpiece. 7-Herb Frittata and Upcycled Flower Styling are two ways to use eggs. You’ll never want to throw out your eggshells again with these upcycled flower vases. If you’re into eggshell tricks, be sure not to miss this other one on eggshell seedling containers. And please share any suggestions for the next ones, including which topics you’d love me to cover!

7-Herb Frittata and Upcycled Flower Styling:


What did you think of this video, do you think it’s something you could pull off?

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  • ken shapiro
    Posted April 24, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Is this an “active” adventure and cooking class experience??
    How much time is cooking (learning) and how much time is “adventure”; hiking, exploring, etc.
    I would like to consider something like this for my wife, maybe both of us- depending upon the
    Can you send me more info. about this- or other- programs you have that involve teaching cooking


    ken S.
    [email protected]

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