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Outstanding in the Field

Recently I had the privilege of attending an “Outstanding in the Field” dinner and I wanted to tell you all about it since while it has a cult following, I had never heard of it. It is a culinary experience on wheels. Their mission is to connect the diners with the food that they are eating. They literally put a long table outside and people come eat where their food is grown. Almost all the food they serve is local and prepared by a renowned chef of the area. First, everyone visits the site and then together they gather at the family-style table and share a beautifully prepared meal.

Here are some pictures from my magical time, in case you are looking for a magical time of your own. They are probably coming to a farm near you very soon….


One of my favorite parts was this dude greeting me at the entrance. What an outfit. He rocked it.


Then I saw this. I already knew this was heaven. My version of heaven has a roasting pig on a spit at all times.


Then there was a mystical man tending to the fire and dropping butternut squash into the coals.


And he was roasting more meat on this grill.

I drooled.

Then I wiped my mouth and drooled some more.


And there was this never ending table that just went on and on. And on and on. My camera wasn’t wide enough to capture it all.

And that is the trailer that the crew lives on as they drive around the country and make food memories for people.


This was some of the outdoor kitchen where the magic happened.


Meanwhile, my pig was still roasting and getting ready to get in my mouth.


Also, there were these tomatoes. Charred tomatoes are my life.


And at these dinners, you can bring your own plates! Or borrow one. The choice is yours.


They are all stacked up waiting for you to choose from. I love that idea so much.


Argus cider was there to provide the libations. They are a local Austin cider company and I love there cider because it is super dry and not cloyingly sweet like most cider.


Also, there were these. Liver mousse appetizers. Liver mousse is my life too. Make this recipe immediately and your life will be complete.

Then there were these fried okra thingamabobs with this green garlic sauce and I couldn’t get enough.


And there were these leafy greens with an herbed cheese piped on. A+.

And oysters. Smoked and perfect. Cause all oysters are perfect.


And there were lovely dessert fairies piping our dessert into mason jars.

And a farm tour…


And this sign that I want for my kitchen.


And these divine Swiss chard, cheese stuffed spicy things.

At this point my pig was ready. Notice how it has become “my” pig at this point.


And it was time to choose a plate and sit down to dinnah.


This was the menu.


Full of kale salad…


And lovely ambiance…


And the “Outstanding” trailer…


Which I took a tour of… (they never run out of sunglasses!)


The cool view from the divers seat.

And then the pig came out with its delicious skin which was turned into cracklins. Mmmmm….


And I made lots of new friends at the dinner table.


And then ate this chicken…

And the coal roasted butternut squash…


And met my favorite dinner companion of all. He ate his fingers for dinner mostly.


The outfit of the evening award went to this fella.


And last, before I descended into a food coma…

Was this. Layers of squash dessert. Perfection.

If you’re looking for a really special dinner experience, for a really special occasion, Outstanding in the Field travels around the country and likely is hosting a dinner near you verrrrry soon. Visit their calendar here.


  • Thad
    Posted October 31, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    That is all so wonderful, except they won’t likely be in MN for awhile. I see Hawaii on their list, might just have to go there.

  • Carole @ Rustic Artistry
    Posted November 3, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    Be sure to check out the gallery of photos on their website. Every setting is more wondrous than the previous. Brilliant idea brilliantly executed.

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