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Pioneer Skills

We all had them at one point. For some of us, they’re right below the surface. For others, it requires some deep digging.

But pioneer skills are a wonderful tool to have, because you can interact with the world in a more fluid, more satsifying way.

One of my favorite things about having this little site ‘o mine, are the emails I get from you all asking questions, and sharing your triumphs in the kitchen and in the field. I do my best to answer all of those questions and emails, but after enough requests, I agreed to do a class or two, once in a blue moon, on pioneer skilllzzz.

The next one is going to be on pickling and canning–which you can do with just about anything under the sun. I’ll never forget the moment I learned to preserve fish in ocean water while cooking in France. Those watershed moments are what it’s all about. And the fun–fun is what makes you keep at it.

This next class is going to be in the Bay Area, so if you’re not in the hood, tell your friends who are. Maybe they’ll send you a jar of pickled peppers as a thank you.

You can sign up here: Register for Pickled in Emeryville, CA  on Eventbrite I’m doing the class at cost, but because I love ya, here’s a top secret dicount code you can type in to get even more of a discount: pickledpeppers.

Come join the fun and spread the word. And who knows, maybe I’ll be in a neighborhood near you one of these days!

Til’ then… keep on rockin’ those pioneer skills and telling me all about it.

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