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Wild Duck Terrine

This is one of the many food items I made out of the gizzards and hearts and liver and legs from my New Orleans duck hunt. It is called a terrine, a Wild Duck Terrine. A terrine is a piece of architecture which takes several days of work. There are many components that go into it and a bit of “pre-cooking” that needs to be done. I think the results […]

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Homemade Crackers, Friday Night Lights & A Giveaway

Scroll to the bottom to enter the second giveaway of the week… we’re on a roll baby. I’ve been bewitched by Friday Night Lights. The show and the real life fantasy of mine. It is partly because I want to be as cool as Tim Riggins when I grow up, minus the jail bait, but also because I’m enamored by the football culture, and the tailgating culture that can bring […]

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Clam Chowder

Also known as… “how to cook a clam.” Word on the street is that my clam digging pictures are freaking you out. I’m sorry to give you the heebie¬†jeebies. But they taste good, I promise. Besides, don’t you want to know what to do if someone drops you on an island somewhere and tells you to fend for yourself? Here is what I did with the horseneck clams from my […]

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34 Morton Street Specials

My grandmother and great-aunt had an apartment together on the top floor of 34 Morton Street in New York City in 1941. It was a nice walk-up apartment building, and they paid $80 for it. They were very frugal, and so had various dishes they cooked together that they considered their specialties. One was called “Slum Gulligan,” made from corn, and green pepper, and baked like a custard. Another they […]

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Devils on Horseback

These are some very fine treats. The kind of thing that leaves a lasting impression. The kind of thing that becomes seared into your mind the moment your teeth chomp down on that first bite and the sweet, salt, and tang begin to crawl along your taste buds. That is why they are called Devils on Horseback I suppose… they gallop along your tongue, too good to be good. I […]

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