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Duck Confit

I spent all day yesterday recipe testing. My freezer had gotten unruly and I had declared that nothing else was allowed in it so that all of the game meat I had collected since September could have a proper home until I could test it all for the “Girl Hunter” book. That has been the rule, strictly enforced with a deer antler. But then I decided I wanted my freezer […]

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Wild Duck Terrine

This is one of the many food items I made out of the gizzards and hearts and liver and legs from my New Orleans duck hunt. It is called a terrine, a Wild Duck Terrine. A terrine is a piece of architecture which takes several days of work. There are many components that go into it and a bit of “pre-cooking” that needs to be done. I think the results […]

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Cracklin’ Bread

A few weeks ago I rendered some duck fat. And then I rendered some pig fat. And it was good. Whenever you render fat, you’re left over with something we call “cracklin’.” It’s an automatically southern word. Don’t bother putting a proper -ing on the end of it, you’re wasting your time. It’s cracklin’. The first time I heard about cracklin’ was from a farmer named Frank Griffith in East […]

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How to Render Duck Fat & Other Important Matters

I rendered some duck fat and wanted to tell you all about the glorious experience. I plan on using it in all of my recipes, from pie crusts to steaks to milkshakes. Just kidding. Sort of. I made the rendered duck fat and have step-by-step instructions over at my “second home“… I just had too many boxes and filing cabinets and needed to spread out a bit. It’s much more […]

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