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Baked Apples Stuffed with KIND Healthy Grains Clusters

I made a seriously delicious recipe over the weekend and you must make it immediately. Lately I’ve been experimenting with KIND Healthy Grains Clusters, which have five super grains in them, including quinoa, millet, and gluten free oats. I first started working with KIND products last year when they sponsored the gift bags at my Adventure Getaways. I had come across the brand often in airports in my busy travel […]

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Indian Spiced Venison Stew

For those of you who witnessed me butcher an axis deer in my last post, I decided to reward the brave with a little something special. My Indian Spiced Venison Stew recipe. Since axis deer come from the tropics of India, I included many Indian spices–such as garam masala–that pair perfectly with the venison. Not to mention, pan-frying all of the ingredients in coconut oil adds a richness and a unique flavor. Although this recipe has a […]

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Blistered Figs with Marsala and Gorgonzola Cream

Guys + Gals, here is my latest video for you today, all about the fig, my favorite fruit that deserves a lot of celebrating this time of year. This simple, luscious dish can be served as an appetizer or dessert. It tastes and appears more complicated than it really is. The salty Gorgonzola tempered by the whipped cream and paired with the warm, caramelized figs is sublime. Give it a […]

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Wild Boar Meatballs

I just finished a whirlwind trip to L.A. where I made some meatballs. That’s what I went to L.A. for, to make meatballs! It was the right thing to do. I’ll post about my time there and the hilarity that ensued as soon as I sleep for two days straight, but first, I want to share the meatball recipe that I made so you can make it for Sunday night […]

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