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Heirloom Apple Pie

There’s an old gnarled apple tree hovering over the well at Tulipwood. My great-grandfather built the well and he probably planted the apple tree too. It is a very moody apple tree. Some years it is full of low and high hanging fruit and my brother and I shake it and throw sticks at the branches until we get the nicest rosy fruits on the top and the wormy bits […]

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Soft German Pretzels

I made a friend! It’s a big deal because since I moved to CA for a bit, I don’t have many in this neck of the woods. YOU are my friend. No, don’t look behind you, I’m talking to YOU. I have a very active cyber life. It’s how I cope. But the good news is that a professor of mine from college just sent me a new friend. He […]

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Strawberry Shortcake & Badass Biscuits

A few weeks ago I went on a strawberry binge. I was intent on making a strawberry rhubarb pie and my strawberry estimating skills turned out to be terrible, and thus I was left with more strawberries than one pie could hold. So I proceeded to make approximately 1.6 trillion recipes from strawberries. There was strawberry fruit leather, and strawberry vinegar, and strawberries flying across the room. That last recipe […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Last night I dreamt about rhubarb. What does that mean? I took it as a sign that I should show you how to make my favorite pie. Any dream interpreters out there can speak now or forever hold your peace. Anyone? Great! Pie it is. Once upon a time there was someone named “The Pie Lady” in my hometown. She lived in Nyack, New York on the Hudson River in […]

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