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Oryx Fajitas

One of the perks that comes with being a chef who hunts is that I’m sometimes gifted exotic foods. For example, in the past week I was given beet and mint ice cream, a box of olive oil from someone’s farm in Greece, and a bag full of oryx meat that a Texas guy had hunted in a nearby Texas ranch. I was teaching a cooking class and doing a […]

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Asparagus Cheese Tarts

Another thing about the big garden at Tulipwood is that there were asparagus popping up all over the place this year. They just spontaneously sprouted wherever they pleased… amongst the tomato plants, with the radishes. It was like a game of Where’s Waldo?… where would we come across an asparagus next? The reason for all of this is that we didn’t plant them. They were actually  planted by my grandmother […]

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