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Homemade Gift Idea: Potted Cheese

Here I am with another homemade holiday gift idea! On a scale of 1 to 10, how far along are you with your Christmas shopping? I have a little poll on my sidebar that you can take. I’m about 50%… it’s a Christmas miracle really, since I usually am down to the wire. Here is a another fun homemade gift idea that you can make and give away or use […]

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Homemade Spaetzle

I just love spaetzle. It’s so comforting and German. It’s pasta with a twist, with some crunch, with some extra butter, and some herbs when you feel like it. It’s also only 4 ingredient cooking. Or 5 if you want to add a little flair like I did with the mustard powder. Once you mix up the ingredients, you don’t even need a spaetzle maker. You can do it with […]

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Deviled Eggs and Other Trickery

When you have eighteen chickens and thirteen Guinea hens in your life, there are a lot of eggs to contend with. It is definitely a nice problem to have. I went on a quest recently to find eggs in the store with yolks as bright as the ones my chickens produce, and I have yet to find any. I know their diet in the Winter means a paler yolk, but […]

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