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Garlic Scape Pesto

I haven’t spent much time with garlic scapes. Ramps yes, green garlic yes, wild garlic yes, wild onions yes, garlic scapes no. But they behave similarly to the others mentioned above and since their curly tendrils at the farmers market looked rather inviting, I decided to play with them. This is what I made, and I think you’ll enjoy it in your kitchen too. You will need: garlic scapes, walnuts, […]

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A Saint Valentine Menu

Here’s the thing about Valentines Day. I think it’s strange. It is impossible to get into a restaurant. Flowers double in price. Bad quality chocolate makes the rounds. Lots of pink lacy undergarments abound in various store windows. Saint Valentine, was a Christian martyr. I don’t think he thought very often about Victoria’s Secret’s latest line. I do think there is something nice about setting a day aside to tell […]

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Root Soup & Polenta

Because she loves you, Grandma Pellegrini made you a Valentines soup. She even put hearts in it. It’s a work of art. And because he loves you, Gordon snapped some photos of it. And because I love you, well… I’m just writing to tell you about it. I can’t take any credit. I can just share. This is a root soup, colored with red beets. It is delicious, I have […]

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