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Blueberry Pinot Noir Jam

This summer I spent time at Tulipwood with my dad picking blueberries. After six years of growing them they are the best they have ever been. My dad taught me quite a few things while we were picking, for example: If you pick a green one eat it because they are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. You have to net the blueberry bushes of course, because the birds will eat […]

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Recipe: Quince 4 Ways

Today, we make this: One fruit, so many possibilities. Quince granita, quince pâté de fruits, quince soup, poached quince, quince jelly, quince sauce, quince fritters…oh wait… They are one of my favorite fruits. Look how nice and pink they become when you cook them, a soothing glamorous pink. But they start off this color. Green with a hint of yellow. Hard as a rock. And a strange fuzz on them. It’s the pectin […]

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