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Holiday Punch

But do you really need a holiday as an excuse to make a good punch? My brother has been making this for years. It’s quite good. He makes it strong but you can make a mild version. In addition to white wine and rum (not the expensive kind), you’ll need citrus. Which you let macerate in the rum and wine. Now frozen lemonade. And frozen limeade. A little ginger ale… […]

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Bananas Foster Cupcakes, (a.k.a. The Nielsen Ratings for Food)

In preparation for my book… I’ve been testing out quite a lot of recipes. These I like to call “Bananas Foster Cupcakes,” because they celebrate cream and rum and cake in three lavish bites. (There’s cream inside!) I’ve discovered that to get a truly unbiased opinion on a recipe, it is best to set it in the kitchen of an anonymous office where people whisk in to grab a diet Mountain […]

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