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A Saint Valentine Menu

Here’s the thing about Valentines Day. I think it’s strange. It is impossible to get into a restaurant. Flowers double in price. Bad quality chocolate makes the rounds. Lots of pink lacy undergarments abound in various store windows. Saint Valentine, was a Christian martyr. I don’t think he thought very often about Victoria’s Secret’s latest line. I do think there is something nice about setting a day aside to tell […]

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Root Soup & Polenta

Because she loves you, Grandma Pellegrini made you a Valentines soup. She even put hearts in it. It’s a work of art. And because he loves you, Gordon snapped some photos of it. And because I love you, well… I’m just writing to tell you about it. I can’t take any credit. I can just share. This is a root soup, colored with red beets. It is delicious, I have […]

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