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Pickled Turnips

  I’m pickling a lot these days. That seems to be the way it goes with summer gardening. You hoe and weed and till and sow and water and worry and then it all comes pouring in at once, faster than you can eat it. When I have this problem, I pickle. Folks, get ready for a lot of pickling posts. It’s a sure path to colorful shelves. And besides, […]

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How to Cook a Whole Hog

One of the questions I get most often from interviewers is “what is your favorite wild animal dish?” I always describe this one. From the first moment I tasted it, it earned itself a special place in the crevices of my mind. This is a whole wild hog, marinated for days and then smoked for many hours. There is also bacon and apples and molasses involved. We need to talk […]

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Pickled Red Beet Eggs

I like all things pickled. Pickled peppers, pickled ramps, pickled… things. Sorry. I’m not feeling very eloquent today. I just read a lot of legal jargon and it fried my brain and my eyes are blurry. I can barely see this screen. I’m waiting for things to return to normal… which isn’t necessarily eloquent either, but at least there’s a sliver of a chance. I had fried pickles the other […]

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