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Spicy Seared Quail with Kale Slaw

I’m in New York doing all sorts of things, one of which is to go through 100 years worth of family stuff that has been collected since my great grandparents. I have to decide what goes into a garage sale, what gets donated, what goes to the dump, and what gets boxed up into a nice clean plastic box and tucked away. Why do we humans collect so much stuff? […]

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Fried Green Tomatoes

Every September I always have at least a few green tomatoes dangling in the garden. This is always a good thing because while ripe juicy red tomatoes are wonderful, green tomatoes are much more of a delicacy for me and hard to come by any other time of year. Here are some of the candidates from the garden in various sizes. Strange looking but tasty in their own right. And […]

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Homemade Crackers, Friday Night Lights & A Giveaway

Scroll to the bottom to enter the second giveaway of the week… we’re on a roll baby. I’ve been bewitched by Friday Night Lights. The show and the real life fantasy of mine. It is partly because I want to be as cool as Tim Riggins when I grow up, minus the jail bait, but also because I’m enamored by the football culture, and the tailgating culture that can bring […]

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Brown Bread

A while ago I uncovered a recipe book from my great-great grandmother. It was full of recipes for brown bread. She was mildly obsessed with it I think. Maybe it tapped into her Puritan nature and she felt satisfied by its simplicity. Then a while after that, I got the latest edition of our family recipe book in the mail, a compilation of six generations of recipes from the family […]

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Irish Soda Bread

I’m 1/8 Irish. I couldn’t let St. Patrick’s Day go by without a nod. It is beloved by so many after all. It’s a passport to drink a month’s worth of beer in one day. And to wear buttons demanding to be kissed. But I can’t say it’s a holiday that celebrates my favorite foods. I thought about what to make for a while… and couldn’t bring myself to negotiate […]

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