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These Gifts Are Perfect for A Modern Pioneer

We have been busy wrapping, making  DIY gifts and getting our menus ready for holiday feasting. But we could not help but eye a few things to add to our own wish list. These Gifts Are Perfect for A Modern Pioneer, so we had to pass them along to you, whether you want them for yourself or a special someone.

These Gifts Are Perfect for A Modern Pioneer

 MINI First Aid Kit  Always be prepared as the boy scouts say! There’s also directions on how to make your own 24-Hour Survival Kit in an Altoids Tin in Georgia’s book Modern Pioneering.

Canada Goose Gloves These are super luxurious and oh-so-warm for upcoming winter adventures.

Binoculars Every outdoors person needs a good pair, this is an item worth investing in.

 Wool Socks Cold feet, no thank you. These are comfy, yet very practical.

These Gifts Are Perfect for A Modern Pioneer

Forest Lantern We love these bronze lanterns. They’re so lovely you’ll find yourself using them in way more places than just the forest.

Lewis & Clark Stool This stool is lightweight, chic, and really useful to have whether fishing, camping or even on a long hike. Don’t be surprised if you find your gift receiver using it as a home decor item too.

Wood Handle Japanese Steel Pruner As useful as it is beautiful, you will enjoy gardening even more with this gift.

The 5 Minute Journal Beginning your day with gratitude is essential. This journal is one we really need for ourselves, but your friends will love it too.

Leather Firewood Sling Not something you would usually buy yourself, but isn’t that always the sign of a really good gift?  Your gift receiver will be finding every excuse to use this beauty.

These Gifts Are Perfect for A Modern Pioneer

Leather Milk Everyone needs this to keep all of your leather goods clean and happy.

The Olive Ruff From Namakan These are stylish and resourceful since they can be added to nearly any jacket. As a special treat, you can use the code: GEORGIA15 for 15% your order.

Outdoor Gloves You can never have enough and these heavy duty ones are perfect for all your adventuring.

Metal Tap Knife  It’s versatile and easy to slip into your pocket to have on hand.

A Good Read Every pioneer needs G’s Modern Pioneering book, a complete guide to a self-sufficient life.

What are you gifting your fellow modern pioneers this holiday season?
We’d love to know because we probably need to add it to our wishlists too. Comment below or tag us on social media.

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