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Tips for a Minimalist Home

We are excited to introduce a new contributor today, Cheryn Shin! We have no doubt you’ll love her breadth of knowledge in all things lifestyle. Take it away, Cheryn.

The weather is finally beginning to warm up and the sunlight, after months of darkness, feels amazing against your skin. But what’s all thi-*achoo*! Dust? Pollen? Probably both, judging by the heaps of winter clothes you haven’t packed away yet, and the clutter of all sorts of things you’ve hoarded like a squirrel ready for the winter. You want to throw away everything you don’t need in attempts to declutter your home… but it’s hard to let go of those worn out socks, that poster of a band you used to love back in high school, or that tangled wad of fairy lights you swore would work after some new batteries (if you decided to change them some day). Here are some tips for a minimalist home that will help you declutter during your never-too-late spring cleaning, and the reasons why you should live a more minimalist lifestyle. Still having a hard time getting started, or worried you won’t be able to maintain this *new* way of life? Perhaps this printable goal-setting worksheet is what you need.

Tips for a Minimalist Home:


Take Out Everything (And I Mean Everything)

Pull out your drawers and dump everything out onto the floor; books, clothes, miscellaneous (except for things that can break, spill, or stain; place those on a table). Decluttering is going to be messy at first, and it is most likely going to take a good chunk of your day, especially if this is your first time. The hardest part of decluttering is starting the entire process. Be sure you are up and ready in a t-shirt and shorts on a Saturday morning.


Make A Decision Between What You Want And What You Need

Do you really, absolutely need that poster? What about those magazine clips? What about that sweater you said you will wear this season, two seasons ago? It’s time to say goodbye then. Expect to have a huge heap of things you can trash, give away, or sell. During this stage, you will realize that you will be eliminating items you no longer use, need, or value.


Take Photos Of Things That Were Once Important To You (But No Longer Need)

We all have that collection of books, figurines, CDs, and whatnot. Deep down, you really want to get rid of them, but the memories you’ve had with them make it so difficult. Take a photo with your phone of the things you still value, but no longer need. You now have digital reminders to retain your memories and a little nostalgia, as well as a more spacious home.


Limit Your Space For Material

Once you have gotten rid of all the things you don’t need, your first instinct may be to fill up all that space again. First, restrain yourself from buying brand new decor (it’s tempting, I know). Second, to prevent this endless cycle, think of ways to limit the amount of space allotted to things. One box for safekeeping. Two drawers instead of five for clothes. No more than four items on a table at a time.

Why Is This Important?

Tips For A Minimalist Home

You Learn How To Prioritize And Appreciate What You Value Most

Once you are left with only the few things you truly need in your life, you learn to value them and appreciate them more individually, rather than regarding them just as more “stuff” you own.


You Learn To Be Less Materialistic

You will realize there is really not a lot of things you need. Your life shouldn’t be judged or valued based on the amount of things you have.

Tips For A Minimalist Home

Your Wallet Is Saved

Because you’re not as materialistic, you get to save some money! How about a bottle of wine to celebrate? Here are some recommendations for sparkling wine from Marissa.


It’s Easier For Future Cleaning

Once you’ve decluttered, you don’t really need to do it all over again. That’s right: it’s a one time job! As soon as you get the hang of living the minimalist life, some reorganizing and dusting could be all you need to do for a spring cleaning.

Good luck! If you found this post useful, or have any tricks or tips of your own, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also tag us on Instagram at @georgiapellegrini, and be sure to follow us on Facebook!

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