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Scenes from Tulipwood

At Tulipwood, everyone since my great-grandfather has left their mark. This is the summer of birds — wild Guinea hens with their keets, domesticated keets a day old that we picked up from a lady in Pennsylvania, so small and fuzzy, they fit into the palm of your hand… rapidly growing chicks, turkeys that loiter outside the kitchen door, a rooster named Buster and a white hen named Lucy who […]

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Chicken in a Basket

They patiently (sort of) waited in a basket while their paper was changed. It’s amazing how quickly they can cover the entire surface of their living quarters with bird droppings…. Meet Loretta, the Buff Laced Polish chicken… She’s tired after her bath. One of her favorite pastimes is to roll around in bird droppings.

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Meet My Chicks

The post office was highly amused. There is nothing like a box of fuzzy chicks to ring in the Spring. There are a few rare breeds here. We ordered them for our neighbor who wants hens that lay green eggs. Maybe she wants green eggs and ham in the mornings? I can’t blame her. I would like green eggs and ham most mornings.

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Hans and the 50,000 Sisters

There’s nothing like a bee swarm to get the day started. Here in Skejberg, Norway I’m with Hans-Otto at one of his hundreds of honey hives. He was a day late in visiting them and his bees swarmed. Swarming is what happens when the hives get too full of honey and eggs — the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees and they start building […]

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