Cool Stuff – Drinks

Homemade Tonic Water

I’m into liquids this week, what can I say? I’m not a big alcohol drinker as you know, seeing as it makes me rather pink in the face. However. I can appreciate alcohol produced on a truly craft level. For example, I’m mildly obsessed with this certain secret whiskey that I’m going to tell you about in my book soon. Furthermore, I was out for a friend’s birthday the other […]

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Eucalyptus Tea

Do you snore? Great! Thanks for stopping by! I’ve got just what you need. I was on the winding road to Tamales Bay the other day to eat oysters, and drink a cold beverage, and drink oysters, and the air smelled incredible. It was the eucalyptus trees. I opened every roof and window in the car. And sucked it in. Then I stopped and ate twelve more oysters. Life was […]

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Holiday Punch

But do you really need a holiday as an excuse to make a good punch? My brother has been making this for years. It’s quite good. He makes it strong but you can make a mild version. In addition to white wine and rum (not the expensive kind), you’ll need citrus. Which you let macerate in the rum and wine. Now frozen lemonade. And frozen limeade. A little ginger ale… […]

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