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Game Bird Pie

Autumn has me thinking of flaky pie crusts and warm hearty meals that fill the soul. It also has me thinking of game meats and how much I love them when they are cooked just right. A pie is perfect for a medley of game bird scraps that wouldn’t necessarily make a meal on their own. After all, when you have worked so hard getting your meat you don’t want […]

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5 Dove Recipes That Will Win Over Picky Eaters

September marks the beginning of hunting season, and with it some of my favorite protein in the sky: dove. Most people haven’t tried dove before either because they don’t know any hunters or because they think they don’t like the taste of wild game. But we want to change that! Below are 5 tasty dove recipes that will win over even the most picky eaters. Trust us, people will be […]

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Dove & Fig Kabobs

Raise your hand if you’ve been dove hunting this fall. I have been and I’ve been eating lots ‘o dove. I think the doves know it because the other day I came home to put this recipe in the oven and I looked out my glass door onto the deck and a dove had run into it and was just laying there. What does it mean? That they’re trying to […]

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Devil Doves

Before I share this recipe, here are all of my dove recipes for you to try! How to Clean a Dove on Video! Dove Nuggets Beer Battered Fried Dove Breasts Dove and Fig Kabobs Dove Puttach 5 Dove Recipes That Will Win Over Picky Eaters I’m writing to you from an airplane, 30,000 feet in the sky. Isn’t technology amazing? {{{wave}}} I’m on my way to Portland, Oregon for a […]

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Beer Battered Fried Dove Breast

I spent Labor Day weekend cruising the cotton fields of the Arkansas Delta. By the end of it, there were more doves than any one person could consume. This lead me to invent all kinds of recipes to keep it interesting, as well as churn out some classic recipes from the Italians in the region – 14 Dove Putach, for example. As you know by now, I’m a purist and […]

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14 Dove Puttach

Over the weekend, my new friend Michael from New Orleans taught me how to make Puttok. If anyone can tell me how to spell it properly I’ll give you a gold star sticker. It’s a lovely stew of tomato, rosemary, vinegar (or in our case red wine) and braised meat. And before you keep reading, here are my other dove recipes for you to bookmark try: How to Clean a Dove on Video! […]

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