Cool Stuff – Turkey

Game Bird Pie

Autumn has me thinking of flaky pie crusts and warm hearty meals that fill the soul. It also has me thinking of game meats and how much I love them when they are cooked just right. A pie is perfect for a medley of game bird scraps that wouldn’t necessarily make a meal on their own. After all, when you have worked so hard getting your meat you don’t want […]

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Wild Turkey and Oyster Stew

I recently took a survey on my “secret” Facebook group and asked what kinds of recipes people wanted to see more of. Wild meat was a big request! Since Spring is turkey season, I thought what better time than to share my recipe for Wild Turkey and Oyster Stew? Let me know what you think of it in the comments. You can use domestic turkey too, do not fret. And […]

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Wild Turkey Swedish Meatballs

Raise your hand if you’ve been turkey hunting this season! Or raise your hand if you like turkey! Because this recipe works perfectly with both domestic and wild birds. I know some of you have been telling me your turkey hunting stories via email. It’s a thrilling time, turkey hunting season is, it’s so uncertain and adrenaline pumping. And when you put all of that work into your dinner you […]

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Whiskey Glazed Wild Turkey Breast

I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seats, clicking refresh, just dying to know what I did with all of that turkey meat I hauled off the field and field dressed. Right? Right?…. Is this thing on? The moment has come! First up, is Whiskey Glazed Turkey Breast. Turkey and whiskey, what could not be good about it? Here is the cast of characters: Turkey breast, whiskey, […]

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Turkey Brine

No, it’s not Thanksgiving silly. It’s April. Also known as turkey hunting season in certain paradigms. My very first hunt was for turkey. It was deep in the Arkansas delta, on a three-thousand acre hunting preserve that runs five miles up the length of the great Mississippi. It was Spring, early on a Saturday morning after a night of imbibing aged Scotch and smoking cigars on a wide veranda with […]

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Turkey Stock

I think of any stock as liquid gold… the sure path to tastier food. And as you know by now, I like to use as many parts of the animal that I eat, as I possibly can. So this Thanksgiving, my turkey carcas became a lovely stock, that made the house smell like Thanksgiving all over again. Here’s how you make it, a little liquid gold from me to you, […]

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