Cool Stuff – Upland Game Birds

Braised Pheasant Legs with Cabbage and Grapes

Standing in the fields at Joshua Creek was a special kind of experience. There is a mystical quality in the rooster pheasant as he shoots into the air like a feathered arrow, in all his green and red and purple, and speckled brown-black. The long spike of his tail feathers taper for aerodynamic flight and he leans to his side and paints the wind. You hesitate when you see the […]

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Partridge in Orange Brandy Sauce

This is a delicious little dish I made while bird hunting in Montana. You should really try it. Even if you don’t have a partridge handy, it will work with other bird meat… like chicken for example. I recommend keeping the bone in whatever meat you use so the meat doesn’t dry out. These are the things you will need: pancetta, orange, lemon, salt, pepper, brandy, olive oil, orange juice, […]

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Quail Marinade + Tenderloin Marinade: Hunting for the Salad Course

Welcome to part two of my three part dinner series… After we brought¬† the hogs back to the ranch, Tim put them in a walk-in cooler. After debating, we decided to have the tenderloins for dinner rather than wait to let them age. So we brought them into the kitchen and got them ready for a marinade. My friend Paul, is quite the gourmand, and he was in charge of […]

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