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The 24-Hour Pickle

I did an episode of Iron Chef two summers ago with a very talented chef named Joe Isidori. I got to eat approximately 15 courses of steak prepared by him and Bobby Flay. It was pure heaven. I just wish I could have distributed those meals out over a longer period of time… they had to roll me out on a cart. Joe Isidori recently opened a new restaurant in […]

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Homemade Fruit Leather

I’m so happy to share this video version from my new Modern Pioneering series. Fruit roll-ups were a big thing when I was growing up. There were so many iterations at one point that I was in pure fruit candy bliss. Then there were the healthy versions that we’d always find at the health food store. They were called “fruit leather,” because they were thicker and made out of pure […]

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Chicken Tagine

Remember way back when I made my national citrus fruit appeal? Actually I think it was a global citrus fruit appeal. Well either way it was epic, okay? Remember when I then preserved some Meyer lemons for a rainy day? Well today is that rainy day. Even though it’s sunny. It’s high time we use those preserved lemons, don’t you think? I know some of you have them in your […]

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How to Make Garlic Paste in 30 Seconds

One of the first little bits of wisdom I learned when I decided to get serious about cooking, was how to make garlic paste in 30 seconds. It was a revelation and I thought, “Wow! These are all the shortcuts that pros know!” So then I began to work in professional kitchens and was peeved to see people mincing their garlic the same way I’d done it as a “civilian”… just chopping and […]

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