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Writing High

A few things.

1. I’d been sitting in an airport waiting for the snow to clear so I can take an impromptu birthday trip to New York. What better way to pass the time than with you? First we were supposed to take off at 9am, then 11am, then 12pm, then the captain made an announcement over the loudspeaker that we would be taking off at 2pm, then 30 seconds later they said, “OK, we’re boarding!” at 10:30am. It was very confusing. So now, I’m writing to you from 33,000 feet in the sky. Just wanted you to know that in case things seemed a bit off. It’s probably the recycled air.

2. I’m going to be on the radio manana. That’s Spanglish for tomorrow. But I don’t know how to do the squiggly dot thing on here. One of my new friends Joel Shangle, over at ESPN Outdoors has a radio show in Seattle and a snazzy website called Northwest Wild Country. He wrote a funny intro note you can read on his site that begins with “Heeeeeere’s Georgia.” Love “the Shining” undertones, I really do.

Georgia's Kitchen graphicv2

Northwest Wild Country is on 6 to 8 a.m. Saturday on Sportsradio 950 KJR in Seattle. It’s available online via the “LISTEN LIVE” links on both his website, and on www.950kjr.com. The interview will be podcast on both sites as well. I’ll be chatting with him at 7am Pacific Time in case you’re curious. Tune in!

3. For my birthday last night I ate sushi that was flown in from the big famous Tokyo fish market on the same day. I felt very fancy. Sometimes on your birthday you have to feel fancy.

4. I think there should be personal hygiene requirements in order to board a plane. They literally put me in this glass machine, and made me put my hands in a belly-dancer prayer position, and x-rayed my whole body in security. I think a smell detector should be next.

Happy Friday!

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