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5 Things I Like To Do In London

I’ve been in London for a week enjoying the festivities of the holidays. I’ve been here enough times where I’m starting to notice patterns… there are things that I like to do every time I come here. These are some of my favorites, in case you’re looking for a little inspiration next time you come this way:

1. Pay a visit to the Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel.

It’s old yet modern.

That perfect color blue that is soothing yet hip.

I’ve always had a think for periwinkle leather chairs.

And you will likely run into some familiar faces from celebrityville who also agree.

White leather and periwinkle = fun times in Knightsbridge, London.


2. Spend some time in a lavish bathtub.

The Europeans really know how to make a bathtub. I’m not a fan of their showers, but I love their baths. In their showers, I end up having to hold the shower head with my hand and it inevitably drops and sprays water all over the bathroom. But in their baths, life is luxurious and calm.

Sometimes there will even be a TV to watch. For example I watched German cooking TV and have decided we need those in the U.S.  I also learned about this fad in Germany called “urban knitting” where people are spontaneously putting knitted gear on bikes and street poles. I have since been informed that we have already adopted this in the U.S. and I am just behind the times. What else is new.

Also, I think we should adopt heated towel racks.


3. Visit a butcher.

There is nothing like the British butchers.

They really let it all hang out there in an elegant way. They made you want to cook only protein for a week straight. And they sell exotic things that you can’t get in the U.S. because of USDA regulations… things like woodcock and pigeon and other fun things that have been hunted in local areas.


4. Take a stroll and look at doors.

This may sound slightly strange, but the Brits really know how to make a good door. First, they paint them fabulous colors with shiny think paint. Then they put nice hardware on them… a solid lion’s head knocker for example.


And very nice wreathes.

After my stroll, I decided that next year I am going to make wreathes out of dried oranges. It was enchanting.


5. Visit a very old pub.

We don’t have the same pub culture in the U.S., so I like to spend some time at the small British pubs in the quiet neighborhoods. I usually drink cider since British Ales are room temperature and I like a little chill in my drink.

Usually at this pubs there will be very intriguing characters. They will be older and dressed in a very dapper hat and long coat. They are probably the duke or earl of something but in this moment, you’re just having a pint together.

These pubs often have great detail, like interesting beer taps.

Memorabilia hanging from the ceiling from years gone by.

A good cozy fireplace.

And pictures and paintings on the wall from centuries passed.

I’m heading back to the U.S. today and am going to try to keep some of these traditions going. First I’ll have to install a bathtub.

Over and out!

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