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DIY Drip Candles

I have been in home decorating mode these days ever since buying my house here in lovely Austin, so I’m going to be sharing some of the DIY projects I work on along the way, especially because they will make some good homemade gifts as the holidays draw near.

First up, a drip candle. Because it makes me feel like I’m tucked away in a corner table at a mom n’ pop restaurant in Italy. Don’t we all want to feel that sometimes?

 I thought so.

DIY Drip Candles:

For a homemade beeswax candle, be sure to watch this video:

Here are the steps for the drip candle: 

_DSC5629 copy

You will need the following for 1 candle holder:

  • An empty wine bottle (it was a good excuse for us to drink wine at 12 noon)
  • A drip candle (I found these at World Market, but you can also look on websites like Amazon)
  • A paring knife

_DSC5634 copy

First, you will need to completely remove the labels and any remaining glue. You can either throw it in the dishwasher or soak it in soapy water for several minutes then scrape off the labels.

_DSC5630 copy

Carefully use a paring knife to shave down around the bottom of the taper candle at an angle and toward the center. This will help you fit it into the wine bottle neck.

_DSC5635 copy

Insert the candle in the opening of the bottle and press down firmly to ensure it stays put.

_DSC5637 copy

Light the candle.

_DSC5639 copy

Mine initially started to look like a festive vampire blood candle.

_DSC5642 copy

Drip, drip, drip… with this type of drip candle you’ll see all sorts of colors come out.

_DSC5643 copy

The candle wax will begin to drip down the sides of the wine bottle in colorful cascades.

But if you want to keep it all pure and simple, I bet you could find some simple white ones.

_DSC5644 copy

I loved how rich the blue came out.

_DSC5646 copy

I placed a paper towel under the bottle to catch any wax drippings.


Once the candle has burned out…


…you’ll be left with a beautiful, homemade, and cheap piece of art.

Then you can take the stub of the candle out of the neck of the wine bottle and replace it with a non-drip candle so that it burns more slowly and you have your decorative candle holder. Or if you want even more drips, add a second candle in there and burn again so it is as decorated as you wish.

Try this my friends! It is a fun and cheap decorating project.

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  • Katie
    Posted October 3, 2013 at 8:37 am

    I would do a white drip candle first as a base, and then do a second colored drip candle. Just to add some intensity to it!

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