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DIY Floating Shelf

I recently completed an apartment renovation and there was so much that I learned. One of my favorite parts were the finishing elements to make a blank space feel homey. Some of my crazy woodworking projects in the past have been super popular on this website, so I thought I’d share another one with you today! This one, a DIY Floating Shelf, is much easier, and a fun weekend project you can accomplish all by yourself. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

DIY Floating Shelf:

DIY Floating Shelf

Here Is What You Will Need:

DIY Floating Shelf

Here Is How You Do It:

    1. Sand and stain your wood and let dry.
    2. Find two studs on the wall and make marks. If you don’t have a stud finder, you could use a screw in anchor that will hold 50 pounds each: Self Drilling Drywall Plastic Anchors.
    3. Use your tape measure to measure the distance between the studs so that it corresponds to the distance between your holes in the wood.
    4. Using a Spade Drill Bit Set drill two holes in the thin side of the wood equal to the distance between the studs. Use a spade bit size that allows the rod of the Solid Steel Floating Shelf Brackets to fit in snugly. 
    5. Drill the Solid Steel Floating Shelf Brackets into the wall. Line the holes up and bang on the wood until the rods slide in and the wood is flush with the wall.

DIY Floating Shelf

Then Be Sure To Set Your Treasures On It

Little pots, jars, soaps and room sprays are perfect for the bathroom. This could also work well in an office and be full of wonderful hardcover books, and camera equipment. Or in a kitchen it could be full of china and teacups!

DIY Floating Shelf

Whatever you choose, it is an easy project you can do at home on a weekend. Have you ever made a DIY floating shelf before? Give us any additional tips in the comments! And tag me on social media using #modernpioneering so I can see your weekend projects.

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