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DIY Homemade Boot Polish

If you ever find yourself in Austin, or even if you’re around these parts, I highly suggest making your way to one of the dance halls here in town. There’s plenty of adventure to be had beer in hand and boots afoot.

_DSC8030 copy

Even if you aren’t completely confident in your two steppin’ abilities, a lesson from a regular, especially those grandfatherly gents, will have you spinning around the floor in no time. Of course, that means shining up your boots! Here’s a quick and simple concoction that will restore your boots’ long lost luster!

_DSC8026 copy

A shiny new set of knockers will only set you back an eighth cup vinegar, an eighth cup of olive oil or grape seed oil, and one lemon.

You’ll also want to grab a small mixing bowl and a paper towel or rag to apply your polish.

_DSC8031 copy

Mix your liquids, vinegar and olive oil, in a 1:1 ratio. This cleaner would work on any leather, footwear or otherwise, so feel free to mix up as much or little as you need.

_DSC8032 copy

For every 1/8 cup liquids add about 10 drops or so of lemon.

_DSC8036 copy

Whisk it all up!

_DSC8037 copy

Before applying the cleaner, wipe your boots off with a damp cloth to get rid of excess dust and dirt. That way the cleaner can really get in there and do its job.

_DSC8039 copy

Using a dry towel or cloth apply the polish in large circular motions.

Wipe off any excess oil and let them sit to air dry for about twenty minutes.

_DSC8040 copy

Can you see the different between the left and right boot? The right boot has more luster and vibrancy with this homemade conditioner.

_DSC8041 copy

There you have it!

You’re just minutes away from a pair of flashy kickers that will be just as impressive (in my case a bit more) than your two stepping moves!


Try this with your leather belts too!


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