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Hey Friends! I need your help. Today we’re launching a campaign for our new TV show “Modern Pioneering,” airing on PBS, and the first 24 hours are the most important. Some of you are even featured on the show as a result of attending an Adventure Getaway! If you believe in the importance of small businesses and learning to create with your own two hands, not just in your own life, but for our society as a whole, I know you will feel good about sponsoring this quality show. 

Because of the uncertainty created by Coronavirus, we lost the funding to distribute the show. Public television programming relies 100% on support from brands, foundations and individuals. So today our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign will offer a series of perks to people in exchange for supporting the show and getting these values into people’s homes, regardless of whether they can afford cable or Netflix.

So many people have told me they are fed up with most of the lifestyle, travel, food and cooking shows on TV today. They are tired of all the extreme eating and contests, and they wish there were a show that reflected the way they really want to eat and live, that gave them inspiring and practical recipes projects and skills, for living a better life.  I need your help getting the word out and sharing the campaign with friends via email, text and on social media. Will you donate to public television and help me spread the word

My crew has worked tirelessly to make this happen and we’re committed to giving free access to this content to people across the country, regardless of whether they can afford cable or Netflix. 

What You Get

In exchange for your contribution, you will get one of the many perks listed in our campaign. In a few of the perks, we’ll have the opportunity to meet and cook together, where you can ask me your pressing cooking questions. In one of the perks, I’ll do a virtual book signing and book talk, and if you’re an aspiring book writer, we can talk about the book writing process. Any of these perks would also make an amazing gift for someone you love! If you want to back this campaign without receiving a perk, simply click the pink “Back It” button at the top of the campaign page and contribute any amount you wish.

The Impact

You will be the reason these values are on television. In supporting the distribution of this show, you’re making a valuable contribution to the world by sharing the stories of small businesses that need the exposure more than ever right now. You’re also creating access to free quality content on Public Television for people nationwide.
Click Here to Support our Public Television Show.

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